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The Whole Earth Is Full of His Glory

This morning I was catching up on what I “should” have been reading during my quiet time the past few days. It wasn’t because I’ve been slacking off lately. Rather, I occasionally allow myself the freedom to read other things. So, this morning, I was doing what I “should” do, which is reading the first […]

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The Holidays: Trying To Be Happier than We Are

We are on the cusp of what most Americans now refer to, somewhat vaguely, as “the holidays.”  The phrase conjures up cold, crisp air, warm houses, and harvested fields filled with hay bales and shocks of corn with a dusting of snow, as well as evergreen wreaths, lit candles, cookies, and parties. Underlying it all […]

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Christmas: The Remodeling Job Begins

Many years ago, an acquaintance told me that the hardest thing to do, the first time you remodel a house, is to pick up a hammer and start tearing out your first wall. This is hard, he said, because once you start ripping out the wall, you know that you’ve just committed yourself to a […]

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