Read some of what a few of our guests have had to say about their visits to us.

Thanks for providing this haven!  We’re leaving here feeling very rested.  May God continue to use you and your home to bless others.

Jordan and Kate

We visited again briefly last week. I was reminded of what a quiet, peaceful and comfortable place Forest Haven is. It’s a great opportunity for people in ministry to get away and get recharged.

Joe Delahunt

I just spent 10 days at Forest Haven. I hadn’t been away for a ministry break in a year, and I slept alot, spent time with the Lord, listened to Randy and Jill’s wonderful CD collection, and appreciated reading “A Guide to Prayer for Ministers and Other Servants”. It was a special time for solitude, and wonderful conversations with Randy and Jill. They are kind-hearted and good listeners.

Mina Paladino