Read some of what a few of our guests have had to say about their visits to us.

This place is so lovely!  Tastefully decorated (down to the leaf-covered tissue boxes!) and immaculately clean.  It has obviously been prepared by caring hands expressing the love of Christ.  Your devotion to Christ is seen in your offering such a haven to burdened and weary soldiers of Christ for their refreshment and encouragement.  Thank you kindly for making your hospitality available to us… God be with you in this ministry.

Pete and Sue Heilemann

We are so blessed to have met you both and received your loving hospitality.  It’s wonderful to have this place to come to for rest.  Thank you for listening and obeying.

Ted and Ibel Hartlett

My wife and I needed a place to rest and recharge before resuming our ministry in the fall.  Forest Haven provided just what we were looking for.  The Thompsons are gracious hosts striking just the right balance between offering personal interaction on the one hand and leaving alone on the other.  The accommodations are comfortable and the surrounding area full of life and beauty.

Geoff and Blanca Little

We want to thank you for the time we spent at your home.  It was a very restful, peaceful and renewing time.  Thank you Jill and Randy for not only providing a peaceful, quiet retreat but also for your hospitality, prayers and caring concern.  God is blessing others through your ministry.  May you be richly blessed in return.

Sally A.

We so want to thank you for our stay with you.  I have thought about it often.  Your call and gifting to give pastors a break is so wonderful– so appreciative–so godly.

Dan and Crystal K.

Forest Haven lived up to its vision–it was certainly a peaceful and restful place where I met the Lord in a fresh way.  The Thompsons are wonderful hosts who blessed me with their loving welcome and hospitality as well as a delicious meal.  Every little touch in the beautifully appointed apartment spoke of God’s grace and His care.  I look forward to my next retreat here.

Rob P.

I’m excited about the ministry of Forest Haven and now having seen it personally, will be a banner-waver for you!  And most importantly, I’ll be a prayer warrior with you.  Thank you for your kindness and hospitality while I was in NH… it was a wonderful evening and so good to freshen our friendship!

Gary B.PastorCare Northeast

What a wonderful experience I had this weekend!  Your hospitality was authentic.  I’ve enjoyed the food and fellowship tremendously.  The environment within and without was pleasant and the suite was immaculate!  I truly rested and enjoyed the reading resources.  Thanks for letting God use you both in such a powerful way.  I will be back and will recommend Forest Haven to my colleagues!  I will continue to pray for the prosperity of your ministry.

Pastor Andre SilversGrace and Mercy Ministries

Thank you guys so much for this respite and for your warm hospitality and friendship.  God’s blessing on your ministry to Him and to His servants!!!”

David and Marcy A.

Come apart and draw near to the Lord.  The beautiful property draws one to his/her creator.  The unit is beautiful.  The books given point to Jesus.  Don’t miss dinner, prayer and fellowship with Randy and Jill.  God speaks through them in refreshing and encouraging ways.


David A.